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wedding detailCarissa&Nate  Carissa&Nate with bridesmaids truckers loveZeidi&Youriin front of churchgive me ur handshold me tightI have my eyes on youpoolside lobiNath&Mitchbride is dancingsamanthaCher in frontCher&Gregwe cross the bridgeI #heart# uthats the cake..yes it isalways by ur sidemy lovehold my handblessed by the priestricewhere they start husband&wifeyou may kiss the brideholding handsjewelry weddingcouple wedbrideDave&Soesengagedgreen dressengagedI luv udowntown L&Straditional bridetraditional bridekisseslove in every situationpre-weddingstreetweddingCherour futureoutdoorsSophiasoon...cheers!!the churchgreen/whiteKissvolleynetbalcony