:: About Shaprisky ::


Once upon a time in 1983 a mother gave birth to her second child, a boy it was. This boy’s name is Shaprisky Kartowikromo.

Now I am in my mid-twenties and enjoy photography to its fullest. Being more a fashion-/model photographer my work consist of mostly people. To capture people in every moment .

I enjoy taking pictures of people, because every single person has its beauty and capturing a certain moment is often expressed. I just love it. People show certain emotions and being apart of that is the most satisfying feeling one can ever get.

I also take pictures at events, party’s, weddings, artistic nudes, landscapes, etc.

I also have this saying: if I approach you for a shoot, then it’s FREE of charge, if u approach me you’d better ask me for my rates.


One more quick note... I am no longer working with models who need to bring an escort/bodyguard to a shoot!!!! If you want to bring an escort that is a makeup artist or hair stylist that is ok.. but to have a boyfriend just sitting around being sceptic makes me uninterested in shooting you.

Also, I don't mind if you are not shooting artistic nude images.. cuz that's not my main intrest.. you don't have to be nude to have a sexy image but you do need to be comfortable with yourself! just be ur self.

Many thanks for visiting my photoblog.

Shaprisky D. S. Kartowikromo

Email: info@shaprisky.com - prisbiga@hotmail.com
Mobile: (+597) 8526085 - (+597) 8123420